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A legacy in History
Date: 30th October
Time: To be confirmed
Venue: Puerta Roja

A revelation of Spanish history through displays of Royal manuscripts and memorabilia of the Spanish Empire during critical times.

Layout: The manuscripts with be set up in groups of like time period and information. I anticipate about 8-10 per hanging wall area. The manuscripts will be in hard plastic cases for protection and accent items with be included with the manuscripts such as coins, prints and old CDV photos. The documents will be up on the walls of the gallery, we will also have a light cocktail.


Group Details:

Group A: Letters and Orders: Manuscripts of King Philip 2nd, King Philip 4th, Queen Marianna, King Charles 2nd and Carlos 3rd. (The Order of Santiago and old traditions).


Group B: Church and State: Manuscripts of King Charles 3rd.(Catholic laws and the Crown).


Group C: Significant Events: Manuscripts of King Carlos 4th, King Ferdinand 7th (Holidays, Abolishment of the constitution and abolishment of Slavery).


Group D: Napoleonic and Independence Wars: Attack of Cape Santa Maria, Invasion of Spain by Napoleon, 1809 Peace treaty with Britain, 1820 Constitution and its Abolishment).


Group E: Special Pieces: King Carlos 4th, Queen Isabella 2nd King Amadeo and King Alfonso 13th. (A piece from the Spanish Inquisition, Royal seals and award of the Order of Isabel the catholic).